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At Promenade Stable we partner with Happy Horse Farrier Service to make sure your horse is properly shoed and ready for riding.

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Happy Horse Farrier Service, LLC.

Jerry Gieseke has trained and practiced barefoot trimming for 20 years. Realizing that some horses do better with shoes, in 2018 he became certified to do horse shoeing from Pacific Coast Horse Shoeing School in Plymouth, California. He is not just a farrier, horse trimmer, or shoer; he is a horse owner of 20 some horses with his wife who is an instructor. Jerry also enjoys driving and teaching driving to students.

One of Jerry’s unique qualities is his ability to see small details. Prior to being a farrier he was a machinist working with small measurements improving his eye for minute details. What this means for your horse is the small details do not go unnoticed, and the smallest issue if not dealt with can be a big one to your horse.

Jerry is also a farrier that realizes horses want to get along with humans. When a horse “fidgets” many times it means they have discomfort or even pain, not that they are misbehaving. Misbehavior is actually a form of communication and Jerry takes the time to find out what the horse is trying to tell him. Many times he is able to calm the horse.

Jerry is more than happy to work with your vet to create more comfort for you horse. He consults with many vets to understand what will give your horse the most comfort in therapeutic situations.

Jerry is happy to work on all equines, ponies, donkeys, mules, draft horses in addition to your saddle horses.

Services Provided:

  • Barefoot trimming
  • Regular Shoeing
  • Therapeutic Shoeing including Founder and Laminitis
  • Sliders
  • Natural Balance
  • Shoeing for Winter Traction
  • Specialty shoes based on the Horse’s Needs
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