Summer Camps

Our horsemanship summer camps are for children ages 7 and up. Horse camp is four days in length and runs from 8 am to noon, Monday thru Thursday. We also offer a full day camp from 8 am to 5:30 pm. Full day students will participate in the morning horsemanship camp, break for lunch, and then do various activities and crafts during the afternoon. We also hold specialty camps, see below.

School Break Camps

We hold Christmas break and spring break camps. These are also for ages 7 and up. The winter camps are from 9 am to noon.

What To Bring

Please send plenty of water, snacks, and sunscreen with your child. Those staying for the entire day need to bring their lunch. Have your child dress in long pants and a tuck in shirt. Boots or some type of shoe with a heel is recommended but not necessary, tennis shoes are ok for the first week. A jacket may be needed the first hour or in the beginning of June. We provide helmets but if you child has a helmet please bring.

Horse 101 Camp – The Beginning of your horsemanship journey

The first day starts with learning safety rules, how to put on a halter and tie the lead rope. We then role play with one person being the horse; how to start, stop and change directions while leading a horse. Then the exciting part; the students get to meet the horses. When this is announced there is always jumping and cheering involved!

Students then get to practice the safety rules and leading skills they have just learned, with the horses, as well as how to groom, ground skills, and riding both bareback and in a saddle. Even though we ride bareback and some students ride in western saddles, classical riding techniques are taught while incorporating natural horsemanship philosophy. This means students don’t learn the method some summer camps teach which mainly is kicking to go and pulling on the reins to stop. Actually, our horses usually stop just by relaxing your body and breathing out.

I would like to have parents think of their child’s first week of summer camp as an introduction or beginning of their child’s horsemanship education. There is a lot to learn in the first week and most parents sign their child up for additional weeks or go on to our weekly Pony Pal horsemanship lessons

Horsemanship 102 Camp – Continuing On….

After students have met the Horse 101 requirements, they can go on to Horse 102. This is normally after a week or two of Horsemanship 101. Students will work on a variety of things such as: cantering, sideways, basic obstacles, horse theory, more advanced safety maneuvers (such as serpentines and disengaging), round penning, and much, much more! We gauge what we work on by the ages and capabilities of the students in the camp.

Drill Dynamics Camp

Have a child who loves music and horses? Then this is the camp for them! Students will learn basic equestrian drill team maneuvers and work on creating their own drill routine. Students will pick a song to ride to then choreograph their drill as part of the camp. They will practice their drill along with other fun maneuvers during the 4-day camp. Students must have taken at least 2 weeks of horsemanship camp or have instructor’s approval. This is one of our favorite camps!

Trail Riding 101 Camp

Students attending this camp will learn basic trail safety skills, such as serpentines and one-rein stops, which will be practiced daily to improve the students muscle memory. This class is both theory and hands on as students learn to maneuver obstacles you would find while on the trail. Riding outside the arena will be done daily to increase students comfort level. Etiquette on how to ride in groups on the trail will be discussed and practiced.
Each day there will be a new challenge for the students to overcome and, on Day 4 we will host a mock trial competition. To participate in this camp you must have taken 2 week of horsemanship camp or have instructor’s approval. Taking Horse Agility 101 beforehand would be beneficial.

Trail Riding 102 Camp

More advanced trail obstacles will be introduced and less time will be spent in an arena. We will also work on obstacles in a grass arena so students can work on controlling their horse while riding on grass. If instructor feels camper is ready, we will go on a trail ride to Barr Lake. To participate in this camp you must have taken Trail Riding 101.

Intro to Cowboy Dressage for Youth

Cowboy Dressage is Promenade Horsemanship’s answer for those who want to compete. Cowboy dressage is about the softness and the partnership you can buil d with a horse. It is about how quietly you can communicate with your horse as well as the showmanship. Students learn the basics about how to ride a dressage court, the philosophy of cowboy dressage and practice riding with the horse in mind. Fun shows are held throughout the summer, both at Promenade and in other parts of Colorado.

Play Day Basics Camp

Promenades Play Day basics camp gives students instruction on timed Gymkhana games including: barrel racing, pole bending, flag race, and relay games. This camp will prepare students for Promenade Play Day or any gymkhana shows in the area. To participate in this camp you must have taken 2 weeks of Horsemanship 101 or have instructor’s approval. Must be able to trot and do a one-rein stop.

Horse Agility 101 Camp

Learn how to use the ground work skills from horsemanship camp to maneuver your horse through an obstacle course. Can you walk your horse through a shower curtain? Or teach him to stand on a pedestal? After students understand how to ask your horse to go over/through/under an obstacle, they will work on riding over/through/under the same obstacles. This is both a theory and hands-on class. To participate in this camp you must have taken 2 weeks of Horsemanship 101 or have instructor’s approval. Must be able to do Promenades basic ground work skills including: backing, disengaging, and circle game.

Horse Agility 102 Camp

Students will be introduced to more complicated and advanced obstacles in this camp. After a week of working hard, a mock horse agility competition will be held based on the requirements of the International Horse Agility Club for students to compete in. Liberty work may be included for students to learn depending on the age and capability of the students. To participate in this class you must have taken Horse Agility 101 Camp. We hold continuing classes on this if students want to compete. Kim is a certified Horse Agility instructor.

Tiny Tots Camp

This specialty camp is offered for young horse lovers who aren’t quite ready for horsemanship camps. This camp is held on Monday-Wednesday, 9 to 11 am. A parent, grandparent, or other adult or older sibling needs to participate. We will be teaching campers the same things as we do in horsemanship camps but to their level of learning. This is for students 3-6 years of age.