Below is the 3 series ground work courses that we are currently teaching. They build on each other so need to be taken in the order shown.

1. In-Depth Groundwork Class
2. Advanced Groundwork Class
3. Liberty Groundwork Class
1. In-Depth Groundwork Class

This class teaches you the details and intricacies of a variety of ground work exercises. The why is taught along with the how to give you a deeper understanding of the importance of ground work in order to communicate more effectively with your horse.

The exercises incorporated into this class are meant to teach you how to move your horses body in every direction helping you to become an effective leader. Proper ground work teaches your horse to move away from pressure, not into it, and once they understand this, training your horse becomes easier and a lot more fun! This class will also teach you how to be consistent with your cues and aids as well as how to be effective when asking your horse to do something.

Exercises include backing, disengaging the hind quarters, moving the shoulder; all maneuvers needed to establish respect with your horse. Leg yielding, driving your horse, squeeze game, exercises to help despook your horse are also covered.

Horse behavior is discussed to give you a better understanding of why the exercises and concepts we cover in class are effective. Most students find taking this class twice is beneficial because of all that is covered.

2. Advanced Groundwork Class

The advanced ground work class is a continuation of the In-depth ground work class. At this point you should be starting to have some feel and flow in your movements with most of the exercises from the previous class.

In the advanced course we will be working to refine the previous class exercises as well as how to combine individual exercises. We will be learning new exercises to further your communication with your horse in preparation for Liberty work.

You will work on driving your horse in an open area, practice backing and disengaging off line, work on getting your horse to rate to your speed, teach your horse how to come and stand parallel to the fence (for mounting), drawing techniques to get the horse to come to you, flagging your horse out and pushing the big red ball.

By the end of class you will have a good feel for how to use the ground work exercises both in a creative and in a practical way.

3. Liberty Groundwork Class

Liberty is working with your horse without the use of any halter, lead rope or bridle. Liberty work will show you where any holes are in your communication skills with your horse.

This work gives the horse an option of choosing to stay with you, or not, because you have no restraints to keep them with you. Working you horse at Liberty is a great alternative to riding but will also help improve your riding relationship with your horse because of the bond that is created.

Liberty work is based on the previous groundwork training of the use to pressure and drawing to communicate with your horse. Putting too much pressure in the wrong place at the wrong time will cause your horse to run away from you.

This class will help you to understand where to put pressure to keep your horse moving but not disconnect or run away from you. You will also learn how to retrieve your horse when they do leave.

Liberty work is challenging but also will give you an amazing feel of accomplishment when your horse follows your cues and body aids without the use of any restraints.