Horse Agility is not only an upcoming horse sport but it is a great way to build an extensive language with your horse. Horse agility is ground work through obstacles. Each month a new course of ten obstacles is presented and you can tape yourself and enter the competition. You can compete with a halter and lead and at liberty where the horse has to follow your instruction without any type of restraint. I consider a horse following your direction with no lead the ultimate in communication you can have with these creatures.

Horse agility seems like a great idea for those of you who own horses but don’t ride them. Even if you ride you should consider playing with this discipline. Anything positive you do with your horse on the ground helps improve your riding because, if it builds trust and respect, this will carry over into the relationship you have with your horse when you are on its back.

There is now a riding division called Equagility, where you complete 5 obstacles on the ground and then mount and ride through them. The goals is to do it without the use of your rein so it is a great way to improve your body language during riding.

Kim is a certified instructor with the International Horse Agility Club based in England. She has attended a clinic with the founder, gone through the certification requirements and now competes as well as coaches many who are also competing. Kim and her horse Mary, started competing late in 2014, finished 4th in the world in 2015, and are 1st world wide for the beginning of 2017. Her students continually place in the top 3 positions. Great job, everyone!!!

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