Monday Horsemanship Classes

Promenade Horsemanship is offering a series of monday daytime classes.

9-10.30 horsemanship level 2/3
10.30-noon - horsemanship level 1
1-2.30 - horsemanship level 1
2.30-4 - horsemanship level 2/3

These classes are aimed towards children and teens in the 27J school district.

Classes start August 20th and will run throughout the school year.

Cost: $180 per month

Weekly Horsemanship Registration Form

Levels Program

Level 1/Beginner

: for students who have little or no experience. Students with experience can opt to

test out of this level. Student must know how to walk, trot, turn, stop and ride a pattern with control.

Level 2:

Introduces lateral movements including disengaging and sideways, and cantering.

Level 3:

Refining 1 & 2 skills, turn on haunches .

All levels include groundwork