Jr. Drill Team

Junior drill team for those young ones that can ride but are not quite ready for advanced drill maneuvers or newer riders who need to learn the basics of drill before they go on to our performance team. Most of the youth joining are between 7 and 12 years of age and will advance on to our Trotting 1 Drill Team as their skills increase.

Currently we are meeting on Mondays from 3:30 to 5:30 pm.

Current Junior Drill members, ages 7 to 12:

Aden Jr 2017-min


Aden started riding with us last summer (2016) and he is on the fast track! He did a week of camp and was in trail camp the following week and even rode at Barr Lake his third week of camp. He rides competitive dirt bike when he isn't on a horse (so he really is on a fast track!). Aden says his dirt bike riding is the reason he isn't scared to fall off the horse because he is use to falling with his bike! Aden is riding one of our new lesson horses, Jerry. Aden is also a member of the boys drill team. Aden is a great addition to our teams; he is polite, upbeat, and always up for trying something new!

Audrey Jr 2017-min


Audrey began riding at Promenade in July of 2013. She rides her horse Opal in drill and supplements her skills with coming to camp. Audrey is a great helper for the newer members and is always willing to take the lead to help out! Audrey and Opal are forming a great partnership as Audrey becomes a better leader, her confidence is really showing in how well her horse is doing.

Bayleigh Jr 2017-min


Bayliegh is also another fast tracker! Bayliegh came to Horse 101 camp and did such a great job, her second week of camp was drill camp and her 3rd week here we put her on the drill team. Bayliegh takes her riding seriously and has a true love of horses. She is always willing to lend a helping hand. Currently, Bayliegh is riding a Haflinger, Nerina, who can be quite the handful. When Bayliegh started riding three times a week she really upped her skills, and is now riding Nerina with finesse and even cantering! Bayliegh has just started helping to train one of our newer lesson horses, Vegas. Thanks so much for all you do, Bayliegh!

Elizabeth Jr 2017-min


Elizabeth is also a new 2016 member. She loves horses and has tremendous insight on what a horse is thinking and feeling. She rides Sam, one of our older drill team members horse and does a great job with him including picking up his correct leads! She adds a lot to the drill team with her “just do it” attitude and is a great leader by example. She is willing to try new things and voice her opinion on how to improve the team. Liz is a very important person to our junior drill team.

Elsie Jr 2017-min


Elsie is one of the junior team's leaders. She is our team cheerleader, always encouraging the other members and always has something positive to say. And we all know what a beautiful smile she has! Elsie started riding at Promenade when she was 3 years old in our Lead Line class. She also is on the show team and rides our lesson horse, Mozes in both drill and show class. She was the Novice high point at the Adams County open show for 2016. Exciting update! Elsie is now riding her own horse, Scout! Scout has had a lot of “wet saddle blankets” and he is so relieved to be in Elsie’s care.



Jasmine has been riding at Promenade since the winter of 2015. From the beginning I knew this girl would do a great job on our drill team. She was able to join this summer and is a natural at picking up the maneuvers. She is another one can fool you with what she can do because she is so petite. Jasmine rides our lesson horse, Sadie. Way to go, Jazzy!

Jocelyn Jr 2017-min


Jocelyn has been riding at Promenade for several years. This kid was born to ride. She loves and appreciates every minute she gets to spend with any horse. She has a talent of changing her energy to fit the horse’s needs so she is able to ride many different horses at our facility. Hopefully soon, she will be back on Dually. She started riding at Promenade at the age of five. We are hoping she will join us in Horse Agility soon since she has such fantastic ground skills!

Kennedy Jr 2017-min


Kennedy started riding at Promenade when she was 7 years old. She took a year break and then has been going strong ever since. This year, she is one of our leaders, helping the newer members understand and learn the drill maneuvers. Her sweet personality makes her perfect for the job. We were all saddened and still miss, Kennedy's horse Magic, who passed away in 2015. Kennedy has rode a lot of our lesson horses and now is riding our horse, Lady. She is the proud owner of a 4 year old buckskin Paint gelding by the name of Ranger, affectionately called, Rascale. We are working on his training so he can become her drill horse and show horse.

Percy Jr 2017-min


Percy is our newest member and also one of our more serious riders; until you tell her it is time to canter, then she is all smiles! Percy has just been promoted to Mozes, so Gus can enjoy some time off. She is going to have a blast with Mozes cuz his canter is awesome. Percy has stepped right up to any challenge and learning she has had to do and is a natural at learning the maneuvers of drill and has a great ability to remember the routines. We are excited to have you on our team, Percy!

Savannah Jr 2017-min


Savannah is also quite the serious rider. She is one of the lucky students who gets to ride her very own horse in drill. She rides many times a week and it shows! Savannah has an exceptional seat and has shown this talent when horse gets a bit unconfident. It has been fun to see both her and her horse, Bravo, progress in their skills and abilities. Savannah has been working on her cantering and it is coming along nicely. She is a pleasure to have in classes because I always know she will do any “homework” I give her. Keep up the great training you are doing with your horse, Savannah!