Training at Promenade is based on natural horsemanship philosophy and classical principals. We believe lightness is the key to creating a wonderful riding partner. By lightness, I mean your horse responds with the correct maneuver with a just a small amount of pressure. Also, realize to get lightness you will have to apply as much pressure as necessary or as long as necessary to get the desired maneuver.
Training is simply the applying of pressure and then the releasing of this pressure when your horse does the correct maneuver. The better the application of pressure and the release of pressure a trainer or rider can do, the lighter the horse feels and “gets” trained.

We will train your horse for you and then teach you what we taught the horse (both you and your horse will appreciate this), train with you and your horse at our facility, or train both of you in a clinic situation.

How do you decide which is the best training option for you?

1. We train

This option is for people who are busy and want the fastest learning curve for both themselves and their horse. You are more interested in the end result than the process. We teach the horse then we teach you. We have lesson horses available for you to learn and make your mistakes on if you prefer. Minimum of 120 days of training. There are no 30 day wonders! Training takes time, repetition, and consistency. Payment for first 30 days, and a $100 deposit for each month due on arrival.

A huge thank you to the Baca family for giving me the opportunity to train their charismatic Haflinger, Blaze. He had a small amount of training when they purchased him. His owner Ashton stated that “his steering was broken” and started working with another local trainer. This led to a Blaze becoming more resistant because spurs. When I took over the training Blaze didn’t want anything to do with leg pressure and took to bolting to escape.

The video is showing what I did to correct the issue of him being scared of your leg. End of the story, we got through the resistance and Ashton has taken over his training and doing a fantastic job of keeping him trained. She does liberty, rides in drill, trail rides, and drives this amazing horse. Kudos to her parents for letting me take the time it took so their horse could understand how to respond to pressure rather than try to avoid it.

 2. We train you and your horse simultaneously

This is for those who can interact with their horses 4 or more times a week. You prefer to know the ins and outs, the whys and enjoy the process as much as the end result. Also for those of you who want to go on and train other horses. Horse can be boarded at Promenade or you can trailer here at least 3 times a week. Homework will be given.

3. Clinics


Clinics are for those of you who are looking the most economical way to improve you and your horse’s skills. If you are passionate about your horsemanship it is one of the best ways to spend your vacation days from work!! Clinics are for those of you who like to learn by watching others mistakes as well as successes!

Clinics are a great place to create a strong bond with your horse because of the hours you will be spending with it. I have seen many of my clients who take private lessons reach a new level of understanding when they attend a multiday clinic. Clinics are also a great way to meet new friends who share one of your favorite interests!

Below is a reference for Clinics.

        Promenade Horsemanship Academy has easy access to I-76 & Bridge St. at the edge of East Brighton. I have enjoyed a variety of classes because of the well groomed arenas with a beautiful setting of trees (plus a bonus of seeing Bald Eagles, Deer and old vintage planes ). I have personally participated in Drill Team, Parade Team, Horse Agility and a couple of Horsemanship classes. My horses and myself have enjoyed the challenges presented which most have a new way to look at asking your horse for something that is spooky, scary or even close riding with other horses. Once these challenges have been accomplished will make a better partnership and safer horse. I would like recommend trying a class or 2!